Gokyo Five – Blue

Type Junmai Ginjo Nama
Prefecture Yamaguchi
ALC % 14.5%
SMV +4.5
Acidity 2.0
Amino Acidity 0.9
Rice: Kakemai Yamadanishiki (yamaguchi)
Rice: Shubo / koji Yamadanishiki (yamaguchi)
Polishing Ratio 60% / 60%
Yeast 9E
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As many of you know, Gokyo is one of my favorite breweries. From their enigmatic leader to their bold sake and pioneering experimentalism, there’s a lot to love. I find their sake to have big aromas, a relatively weighty texture and what really defines them is noticeably higher total acidity and amino acids than most sake. Not stratospheric levels, but many of their sake are around 2% total acidity whereas your standards are closer to 1.3-1.7%. Check out their youtube channel.

There are four very special Kioke sake below. The “5” series are all brewed in a single wooden vat. This doesn’t give them a bunch of wood flavor as they aren’t rested in new cedar, rather there is a creaminess to them due to the increased oxygen in fermentation. I have exclusive distribution.

Tasting Notes

This is the only namazake (unpasteurized) of the bunch. As is common with nama, we get some chestnut on the nose. I don’t love that nose typically but the palate is sooooo good. Classic Gokyo with an assault of fruity flavors. It tastes much richer than the +4.5 SMV (lighter than water). My immediate association is perfect, fresh pineapple in all it’s glory including limey acidity. A blockbuster. 

Alc 14.5% – SMV +4.5 – Acidity 2.0 – Amino Acidity 0.9 – Yamadanishiki (Yamaguchi) 60% – Yeast 9E

From the Importer:

Light and smooth type. Brilliant refreshing fruity aroma of grapefruit and green apple. Nicely balanced, with refreshing acidity with a fizzy feel. The sweetness of rice stems from the yondanjikomi brewing process and its refreshingly crisp taste.
Serve chilled.

Tasting Strategy

Raw oysters, Octopus marinade, Fllounder sashimi, Deep-fried sardine marinated in a spicy vinegar sauce, Wine steamed white fish, Seafood salad, sole meuniere, stuffed cabbage roll, Plain omelet, etc.