Gokyo Five – Orange

Type Junmai Ginjo
Prefecture Yamaguchi
ALC % 15.0%
SMV +1.0
Acidity 1.8
Amino Acidity 1.5
Rice: Kakemai Yamadanishiki (yamaguchi)
Rice: Shubo / koji Yamadanishiki (yamaguchi)
Polishing Ratio 55% / 55%
Yeast No. 701
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As many of you know, Gokyo is one of my favorite breweries. From their enigmatic leader to their bold sake and pioneering experimentalism, there’s a lot to love. I find their sake to have big aromas, a relatively weighty texture and what really defines them is noticeably higher total acidity and amino acids than most sake. Not stratospheric levels, but many of their sake are around 2% total acidity whereas your standards are closer to 1.3-1.7%. Check out their youtube channel.

There are four very special Kioke sake below. The “5” series are all brewed in a single wooden vat. This doesn’t give them a bunch of wood flavor as they aren’t rested in new cedar, rather there is a creaminess to them due to the increased oxygen in fermentation. I have exclusive distribution.

Tasting Notes

This is most similar in style to a Hiyaoroshi because it is only single pasteurized. It is labeled a Ginjo and indeed we are treated to a really nice fruity nose of tropical flavors like grapefruit and lychee. Intoxicating! There’s also stone fruit like cherry pit. The palate is very rich with lots of ripe persimmon. Perfect for winter dishes and crab season. Local folks can try this at Syun Izakaya. 


Alc 15.0% – SMV +1.0 – Acidity 1.8 – Amino Acids 1.5 – Yamadanishiki (Yamaguchi) 55% – Yeast No. 701

From the Importer:

Light, smooth and rich type.
This sake has been pasteurized once. The juicy, tranquil aroma of ripe melon and peach. The deep, juicy sweetness of orange comport and ripe melon. Aftertaste has the light umami of rice. An overall deep taste.

Serve chilled or warm.

Tasting Strategy

Grilled fish, Grilled miso marinade fish, Sukiyaki, Cheese gratin, Pizza, Yellowtail teriyaki, Shrimp in chili sauce, Crispy egg roll, Mapo tofu, Chop suey, etc.