Kubiki Shuzo


The Yagi family started brewing sake in coastal Niigata in 1697. They only produce 300 koku a year (6,000 cases), yet they are the off site yeast bank for the local breweries. So their friends Takeda, makers of the Skull series, travel up the coast 15 minutes whenever they need yeast for a batch. They also have access to excellent local rice and clean snow melt water providing them a good canvas to show their skill. 




1697The 5th generation, Zenrokuro Yagi, brewed Jukoku Nito (the creation of sake brewing).
1900Kazuichi Yagi, the 13th generation, brews sake “Fuyu no Hana”
1936Due to a new relationship with Gozensui (Kakizaki/Komatsu Sake Brewery), Yagi Sake Brewery and Komatsu Sake Brewery merged.
Established Kokujo Sake Brewery. Brewed sake “Kubiki”.
1972Expansion of new warehouse
1983Brewed sake “Koshiji no Koubai”
1995Established a new bottling factory
1999Joint production of sake “Echigo Toji no Sato” with Izmic Co., Ltd. (production will end in March 2023)
2010Awarded 1st place (out of 91 exhibiting companies) at the Niigata Prefecture Sake Brewery Employees Association Self-brewing Sake Awards
2014Start of sales of “Hakke Ikubiki”, a limited distribution brand in Niigata Prefecture
2023Received 1st place in Echigo Sake Brewing Technology Championship (out of 61 exhibiting companies)

Our current company was founded in 1936 (Showa 11), but if we go back in history, it is said that our ancestors started the sake brewing industry in 1697. The Yagi family is said to have its origins in 1596 (1st year of Keicho year) in what is now Higashitanaka, Yoshikawa Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, when the first generation Yagi Kichizaemon branched out, and in 1697 (10th year of Genroku), the 5th generation Zenrokuro Yagi It is said that the beginning of sake brewing at Kukijo Sake Brewery was when the company began brewing sake.
There is a record that approximately 150 koku were brewed in 1724 (Kyoho 9), but it seems that the sake brewing industry did not expand significantly after that. After that, after going through a history of halting and restarting sake brewing, in modern times Yagi Sake Brewery brewed “Fuyu no Hana”, and in 1936, it merged with Komatsu Sake Brewery, which was located at its current location, due to a related relationship, and became Kukijo Sake Brewery. It has started.
Furthermore, Komatsu Sake Brewery’s brand was “Gozensui,” and this name comes from the fact that water from the Komatsu family’s well was used as gozensui during Emperor Meiji’s tour in 1878. , is said to be one of the stories that conveys the goodness of the water in this area. (Based on Yagi family literature, etc.)

Kubiki Shuzo