Takachiyo has over 150 years of hand-made craft brewing history producing high-quality sake in the heartland of Niigata Japan. The heavy and pure snow falls in the mountain every winter, and the snow-melt is filtered by the natural ecosystem and the clear soft water flows into our underground well. Using this pure water and specialized rice, we take care during our highly-controlled brewing method to create sake with natural umami that one will never tire of drinking.

Takachiyo strives to be stewards of our local environment. We cultivate the fields surrounding the brewery with different rice strains of both local and nationwide sake rice. Some local strains of sake rice are cultivated that can only be found at the Takachiyo brewery. One of these rare strains of sake rice is the Ipponjime, which is used in the Makihata line of sake to produce a unique flavor profile that tends towards a feeling of high class and elegance.

Ipponjime, a rice suitable for sake brewing, which is rare in Japan, is a fixed species with “Gohyakumangoku” as my mother and “Toyosakazuki” as my father. A feature of this sake rice, it is a little different from the clean and dry taste represented by Gohyakumangoku, and it is finished in a sake that oozes the taste of rice.

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