Afuri Terra/Y Junmai Yamahai Yamada Nishiki

Alcohol content 16%, 720ml
Ingredients Yamada Nishiki from Tojo, Hyogo Prefecture
Rice-polishing ratio 90%
Amino acidity 2.0
Acidity 2.4
SMV -14
Yeast Kyokai No. 701
Taste type Rich and sweet
Storage method Refrigeration required!



The Afuri series from Kikkawa-Jozo is brewed with water from a rain-fed spring at the foot of Mount Afuri in Kanagawa Japan. The water from Mt. Afuri is loaded with minerals from naturally percolate from the top of the mountain to the base where the brewery is located. The result is naturally hard water, which is then used in a special low temp extended brewing process. This hard water is in contrast to the traditionally soft water used in the sake production process. The result is a truly unique sake unlike any other.

The Afuri Terra/Y (the Y stands for Yamada Nishiki, the rice used in this sake) is a Yamahai Junmai packed with flavor. Serve chilled to room temperature based on preference. Store cold.

Tasting Notes

Flavor – Sweet yet impactful. A clear taste with loads of umami.

Aroma – Rich earthy notes tinged with the minerality of the Afuri mountain aquifer.

Tasting Strategy

For pairing, we recommend grilled pork loin with barbecue sauce.