Afuri Junmai Sugiyamaryu Yamada Nishiki Nama

Contents 720ml
Ingredients 100% Yamada Nishiki from Tokushima Prefecture
Alcohol content 15°
Rice-polishing ratio 90%
SMV -2
Acidity 1.8
Amino acidity 1.4
Yeast Kyokai 601
Storage method Refrigeration Required!
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The Afuri series from Kikkawa-Jozo is brewed with water from a rain-fed spring at the foot of Mount Afuri in Kanagawa Japan. The water from Mt. Afuri is loaded with minerals from naturally percolate from the top of the mountain to the base where the brewery is located. The result is naturally hard water, which is then used in a special low temp extended brewing process. This hard water is in contrast to the traditionally soft water used in the sake production process. The result is a truly unique sake unlike any other.

“SHIN-SAKU” combines the brewing philosophy of the late Master Brewer Shinsaku Sugiyama, with modern technology.
Yamada Nishiki is famous as the gold standard sake rice in the world. We chose to make this sake with a rice-polishing ratio of 90% because we wanted to create the ideal sake using all the components of the best rice. By steaming the rice thoroughly we nurture high-quality and powerful koji. The sake rice is then brewed at an ultra-low temperature to bring out its refined and delicious taste without any contentious flavors.

Tasting Notes

Flavor – Lightly sweet, subtle, a good food pairing sake. 

Aroma – Low aroma.

Serving Recommendation – Serve chilled to enjoy a subtle sweetness.

Tasting Strategy

We recommend pairing this sake with a thick-cut steak and Himalayan rock salt to create an exquisite pairing between the savory salt and succulent meat! Another great pairing is salty cheese and whole grain crackers, or cream cheese and herbs.