Afuri Kame-Ji “Wild Yeast” Sugiyamaryu Kamenoo Nama

Contents 720ml
Ingredients 100% Kame-No-O, Iwate Prefecture
SMV -13
Alcohol content 15%
Acidity 2.2
Rice-polishing ratio 90%
Amino acidity 1.8
Storage method Refrigeration required
Yeast Additive-free aka Wild
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The Afuri series from Kikkawa-Jozo is brewed with water from a rain-fed spring at the foot of Mount Afuri in Kanagawa Japan. The water from Mt. Afuri is loaded with minerals from naturally percolate from the top of the mountain to the base where the brewery is located. The result is naturally hard water, which is then used in a special low temp extended brewing process. This hard water is in contrast to the traditionally soft water used in the sake production process. The result is a truly unique sake unlike any other.

When you close your eyes and take a sip, the sensation of slowly sinking into the luscious and heady umami of the Kame-No-O will make you forget about time and feel as if gravity cannot hold you down.

Kame-Ji sake is a yeast-free “Only One Junmaishu” brewed with the Kame-No-O (尾の⻲ ) rice.

Kame-No-O is a rare variety of sake rice. The strain was created in  Yamagata Prefecture, during the Meiji period (1868-1912). It is famous as the inspiration for Tatsunishiki, the sake rice strain in the manga “Natsuko no Sake”, which is a story about reviving a “phantom” sake rice set in a sake brewery brought the problems of the sake industry and agriculture as a whole to the public’s attention.
This project began with an offer from Ryosuke Takahashi, a leading farmer specializing in sake rice. Mr. Takahashi carefully nurtured this rice in order for us to make a yeast-free, pure rice Junmaishu. In collaboration with this special rice, we used a special technique from the Yoshikawa Brewery, which is specialized in low-polished rice (90%). We are proud to have brought out all the flavors of this rice by brewing it at an ultra-low temperature with hard water (150% hardness).

Serve chilled, store chilled.

Tasting Notes

Rich and Sweet

Tasting Strategy

We recommend pairing this sake with tuna sashimi or grilled salmon. Alternatively, use this chilled Sugiyama-style drink to wash down a wasabi-infused beef in order to calm the strong dish with a gentle sweetness.