Afuri Junmai “Apple no. 28” Kasumisake

Contents 720ml
Rice-polishing ratio 90%
Ingredients Omachi 100%
SMV -3
Alcohol content 13%
Acidity 2.6
Yeast Kyokai Apple Yeast No.28
Storage method Refrigeration required
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The Afuri series from Kikkawa-Jozo is brewed with water from a rain-fed spring at the foot of Mount Afuri in Kanagawa Japan. The water from Mt. Afuri is loaded with minerals from naturally percolate from the top of the mountain to the base where the brewery is located. The result is naturally hard water, which is then used in a special low temp extended brewing process. This hard water is in contrast to the traditionally soft water used in the sake production process. The result is a truly unique sake unlike any other.

The Afuri – A Foggy Day is a pure junmaishu with an exhilarating aroma. The Junmai Kasumi brings to mind the mountain mists in the early morning that surround Afuri mountain. The name, “Kasumi”, means ‘slightly white’ and is an homage to the slightly nigori (usu-nigori) type of sake. This bottle contains a very light amount of rice particulate that is very fine, so when the bottle is stirred wisps of fog-like nigori can be seen rising from the mountain peak at the bottom of the bottle.

Serving Recommendations

Serve chilled to 15oC/59oF in a wine glass or champagne flute. Before enjoying please slowly open the bottle to relieve any pressure buildup in the bottle. Next recap and gently turn the bottle end over end to fold the sake particulate into sake. Finally, uncap and enjoy. We recommend enjoying this bottle soon after opening it for maximum flavor. Refrigerate for storage.


Please do not shake the bottle before opening it!! (Gently mix the contents after opening, then cap it again after pouring). “Junmai Kasumi Sake” is a sparkling sake with chemically activated fresh sake lees for you to enjoy. Please open the bottle in the same way you would a champagne bottle, gently, and be careful of flying caps and overflowing contents.

Tasting Notes

Flavor – Using apple yeast a sharp acidity and refreshing sweetness unique to malic acid high productivity yeast (No. 28) with notes of sweet apple notes. The sake has a crisp yet powerful initial taste profile yet leaves your palette refreshed.

Aroma – The fruity aroma is reminiscent of green apples.

Tasting Strategy

Raw or fried oysters, white fish carpaccio… or why not savor it on its own?