Located at the foot of Mt. Kakuda in the Echigo Plain, this brewery brews sake with a history of over 400 years. In the Edo period, sake was presented to the Echigo Mineyama clan, which is known for the anecdote of the so-called “100 sacks of rice,” in which 100 bales of rice were sent as relief rice. It was touted as ume (plum), and created a local sake boom. In order to push back against the recent wave of Japanese sake, we are challenging ourselves to create a “new” sake, centered on the mellow and delicious type, in Niigata, where there are many light and dry types of sake. We will continue to brew sake using old-fashioned methods and new technologies in the vast plains, mountains, and sea.

The Ryoko series will please those who are new to sake and those who like slightly sweet sake with a highly fragrant and fruity taste. The bottle design and taste profile are designed to embody a delicate feminine beauty that elicits a sense of calm smoothness.

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