Takeda Shuzo


Takeda Brewery in the snowy town of Joetsu has been crafting sake since 1866. Ninth-generation brewer Masanori Takeda continues to honor his family legacy as the steward of the award-winning Katafune line of sake. With a sweet note that is rarely found in the characteristically dry sake of Niigata prefecture, Katafune is well-rounded and rich with a sharp taste.

‘To drink Takeda,’ says Shigenori Takeda, ‘is to enjoy the essence of sake’.

Katafune has won multiple global challenges and awards, far too many to list here in a short paragraph.

These Sake, however, are part of the Takeda special collection, a limited edition run of the premium Nama Katafune selection with modern labels and iconography. All bottles are Muroka Nama Genshu Origariami. A truly unique experience

Takeda Shuzo